SuiteSpot is a technology startup transforming the way rental real-estate is managed and operated at scale. We created process and technology to deliver insights into the state of managed rental real estate assets, speeds up unit turnovers, increases visibility, and drives operational efficiency, allowing operators and managers to stay ahead of the curve. Our technology eliminates waste, chaos, and unnecessary costs and making people more productive and less frustrated. SuiteSpot's technology and ROI have been proven with leading rental real estate housing operators in Canada and the US.

Over the last several years we’ve synthesized years of research and in-field experience into a strong technology platform. Our award-winning technology combined with our unique processes around property operations enables companies serious about value creation to reduce or eliminate the friction that’s slowing them down, increasing their NOI & portfolio valuation, protecting their assets, and delivering an excellent resident experience.

Position Overview

For the past 4 years, we’ve been developing, testing and honing our backend and frontend technology, and we’ve built the high-performance engine needed to deliver and ramp up multi-residential property operations processes.

In this role, you will work as part of the sales team reporting directly to our Co-Founder & CEO, Elik Jaeger (who is currently responsible for new sales) as a central and instrumental role to accelerate our customer acquisition results. You’ll be responsible for executing a variety of integrated plays (by the way, you’ll LOVE our playbook) for our target accounts.

Your success will be defined by your ability to understand the work we do, open new doors, generate meaningful conversations, and position SuiteSpot Technology strongly with your target accounts.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

In this role, you will:

  • Execute a net new business target account plan
  • Generate new conversations with target accounts and the key people within those accounts
  • Provide ongoing feedback and serving as the “voice of the market” so that our customer success and product team is properly aligned with what is happening in “the real world”
  • Implement and demonstrate the sales approach we provide to uncover a prospect’s unique needs, to reframe their issues, and to position SuiteSpot as an accelerator and fit for their efforts
  • Build your profile and enhance SuiteSpot’s as a unique thought leader in the world of multifamily real estate housing
  • Serve as an ambassador for SuiteSpot and aid in the spread of our message and point-of-view

Essential Education, Experience, Skills, and Attributes

This position requires the following:

  • A sense of humor and easygoing nature. (If you can dish it out as well as you can take it, you’ll thrive here.)
  • Thrives in a rapid-growth and high-velocity environment
  • 2-4 years of direct sales experience with a focus on selling SaaS technology, or solutions in a related discipline with average sales values at least in the low six figures
  • Proven ability to initiate new conversations and to find creative ways to avoid or overcome barriers
  • A full understanding of the role (and shortcomings) of technology adoption in business growth efforts
  • Strong knowledge and experience using G-Suite. Must be comfortable working with cloud-based technology. Hubspot is ideal.
  • Insatiably curious. You are eager to understand the unique culture that exists in each organization. You notice trends and ask why. You ask questions, listen, and learn
  • Business-minded. You understand what drives results in business. You are naturally curious, and enjoy learning about business challenges.
  • Self-assured. You are confident, assertive, and not easily discouraged. Colleagues respect you for your knowledge and ability to communicate clearly
  • Organized. You bring order to competing priorities and keep things clear, concise, and running smoothly. You delegate effectively and drive a clear process
  • Great communicator. You have concise, accurate, effective written communication skills. You get the information you need and convey the right information in a direct and pleasant manner
  • Discrete. You are professional and discreet. You respect and maintain confidentiality

What’s Attractive to the Right Candidate?

  • SuiteSpot is a fun place to work. We’re a small team without big egos. We take our work very seriously but never take ourselves too seriously. (And yes, nobody is immune--including the CEO)
  • Join an early-stage startup that aims at nothing short of changing the real estate world. Grow with us and be an early part of the success story!
  • Learning culture (we insist!). This is a key role where your contributions will be appreciated as vital to our organizational success. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow your sales skills and there is potential to grow into other roles within our organization
  • You will be deeply supported and celebrated
  • Hustle is what this company was built on but one thing we all share is our commitment to being coachable, being driven, having integrity, having curiosity, and developing business acumen
  • We offer a unique "work hard-play hard" atmosphere committed to a strong, distinct culture. A job well done will be rewarded in multiple ways, not the least of which is a generous compensation package and benefits